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Status Check

Chad and I are on the 5th day of the Clean Cleanse. It is going well. The first three days were really the hardest. Now I’m not so grouchy, but I am pretty spaced out. I don’t mind – it’s … Continue reading

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Nearly there

Chad and I have almost survived our first day of Dr. Alejandro Junger’s 21-day Clean Cleanse. Breakfast was an impressively satisfying and delicious smoothie. It was called “Favorite Green Shake” (3 c spinach, 1 c blueberries, 1 T flax oil, … Continue reading

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The Amazing Jiggling Rainbow Cake

Yup. I made it. Have made it THREE TIMES ALREADY THIS SUMMER. This one was the first one, made in a fancy borrowed bundt pan. We were rushed and we made it (my s-i-l and me) the day of the … Continue reading

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I Swear I’m Not Controlling…

Well, maybe I am.* Here’s my suggested schedule for when my brother and sister visit next week. But truly, these are suggestions and totally up for revision and spontaneity. It’s just that I find it reassuring to work with even … Continue reading

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Feeding the Family on Fish Night

The Orange-Tarragon Trout with Smoky Green Beans (from America’s Kitchen’s 30-Minute Suppers, Fall 2010) was an absolute hit at my house last night. I swear, you’d think I never cooked anything, the way everybody wolfed dinner down. And ironically, I’d … Continue reading

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Weekly Menu Planning

My food thing at the moment may seem overly controlled, but I am surprised to report that weekly menu planning not only frees me up (mentally!), but is also proving to be cost-effective. I really, really love not having that … Continue reading

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Zen Eating

Nothing requires me to slow down and chill, more than eating a fresh pomegranate, single jewel by single jewel. Still, no matter how much I concentrate, I always splash that ruby red juice that stains purple on my clothes. Great … Continue reading

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Tilapia with Peppers and Olives

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m pleasantly working my way through a stack of past issues of Real Simple magazine. When I came across the article “A Month of Easy Dinners” in the October 2009 issue, I only hesitated a second … Continue reading

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Hot Pot

My favorite quote about eating Korean food (which is famously hot – in both senses of the word) “If I don’t sweat, how do I know I’ve eaten?” [youtube=] Hotness in Korean food is so important that we have a … Continue reading

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When in Rome…

if you eat like a Roman, you’ll spend a lot less money. n.b. ~35 Baht equals 1 US dollar Five meals “out” in three days (all were carry-out or in the case of Italian food, delivered to the door): 30 … Continue reading

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