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Korean flick-o-rama

We watched an excellent Korean movie last weekend. In Korean the title is Gwoemul and in English it is called The Host (imdb 7.3/10.0). Despite its unimpressive Imdb rating, this movie is now considered the all-time number one box office … Continue reading

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how not to gain weight

Once the weight is off, the next hard part is keeping it off. Chad and I are still feeling good about our weight but both of us are gradually putting it back on. See, the downside of doing a renegade … Continue reading

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It's official – I'm going to be a published writer!

Barcelona, 15 January 2007 Jeannie Lee P.O. Box 1742 Joshua Tree, CA 92252 USA Dear Jeannie Lee: This letter requests your permission to use fragments of texts from your thesis “Intimacy in the Works and Collaborations of Janet Cardiff and … Continue reading

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Radical lace and subversive knitting

Despite the great name, this show at the newly-named Museum of Arts & Design (MAD is in NYC at 40 W. 53rd) did not get a great write-up in the NYTimes. The main criticism being that it relies upon out-of-date … Continue reading

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rose pruning 101 by a non-gardener

I’ve been away from the computer because my honey was here this weekend and 1) I wanted to spend quality time with him and 2) he hogged both of my computers all weekend – at least his computer stuff is … Continue reading

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non-invasive food allergy test

This tip came from my friend Nathen. He hasn’t tried it yet, but it sounds cool. It comes from Prescription for Nutritional Healing: “If you suspect that you are allergic to a specific food, a simple test can help you … Continue reading

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the upside of being strict

  Bella spends an enormous amount of time getting creative about her profile picture, because she knows I don’t want her to show her face. (Her profile is set to private – but anybody can see the profile picture. ) … Continue reading

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dad's carrot ruse works again

Remember the $100 my dad offered to anybody in the family who would read The Purpose Driven Life by the end of Janauary? Well, look who ended up finishing first: “hi grandpa i just wanted to let you know that … Continue reading

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next season last for lost?

Uh oh. Chad sent me this blurb from this article at “ABC’s Lost will become just that after another season or two — lost from the TV schedule, ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson told the winter TV writers press … Continue reading

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Food events

Two very important food events are coming up: February 4, 2007: I don’t watch or follow the Superbowl, but I sure love a good occasion to binge on my favorite appetizers. This year Bella requests my mom’s Brie cheese, salmon … Continue reading

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