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Best use for an old t-shirt

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Bella has Discovered Ravelry

  We’ve just reached a tipping point. Bella suddenly wants me to knit, crochet, or otherwise make a whole pile of cute things for her – you know, before winter break is over. She says she finds the Ravelry site … Continue reading

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Hat Weather

It’s been unseasonably hot here in SoCal, but all through the summer heat, I fretted about my two little nieces enduring their first winter in Melbourne. That fretting led to knitting, and well, one knitting project led to another. By … Continue reading

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Contemporary Macrame

Raise your hand if you are driven crazy by your incessantly tangled earphone cords. That’s me jumping up and down with my right arm up high. I know I need to use them, but no matter how I coil them, … Continue reading

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Make Your Own T-Shirts (like a pro)

My neighbor recently had a dragon training-themed birthday party for her 4-year son (a post unto itself), which gave me an opportunity to try making a dragon t-shirt for the birthday boy (and his little brother and Christian…) I knit … Continue reading

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Babies, Blankets, and Wedding Bliss

I love me a big challenge of a craft project, and suddenly these gorgeous big blanket (and carpet!) projects are flying at me from all over the web. I’ve tweeted a bit about them, but wanted the excuse to post … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Wallaby

Many moms ask me where I find the time to knit. Well, handwork is one activity I CAN do when I’m hanging out with Christian – so I knit all the time, even standing in line at Disneyland. I do … Continue reading

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I’m pretty sure I’m in love with this new blog. He’s a stay-at-home dad/artist who posts simple toys he’s made for his kids. Here’s two of his youtube videos so you can see what I mean. But my FAVORITE thing … Continue reading

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Making a Crown

Making a crown out of felt is laughably easy; the entire thing can be handstitched in a sitting while watching your kids play. The trick is to put together a decent pattern – one that is crown-like. A crown that … Continue reading

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Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass

Once you’ve grown your own grass, you’ll never go back to the plastic stuff. Or even the paper stuff – you’ll quickly discover that they are poor substitutes for the vibrancy of real living wheatgrass sprouting before your eyes. And … Continue reading

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