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The Hoopla about the Em Dash

Who the? What the? In my recent book project with my photographer friend, Ellie, I learned a thing about en dashes and em dashes, as separate from hyphens. I brushed up on the topic by reading a discussion thread at … Continue reading

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Meeting Mulefat

The flame! The sacredness of fire is never more obvious than when you see it burst into existence with a bow drill. Life has been so busy that it’s gotten away from me. Instead of swimming in a particular direction, … Continue reading

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Zen Eating

Nothing requires me to slow down and chill, more than eating a fresh pomegranate, single jewel by single jewel. Still, no matter how much I concentrate, I always splash that ruby red juice that stains purple on my clothes. Great … Continue reading

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Appreciation at 42

I sometimes complain about feeling old at the ripe age of 42, but a quote from a Nora Ephron interview (she wrote When Harry met Sally), gave me pause. She’s 69 years old and has just written another book about … Continue reading

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Tilapia with Peppers and Olives

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m pleasantly working my way through a stack of past issues of Real Simple magazine. When I came across the article “A Month of Easy Dinners” in the October 2009 issue, I only hesitated a second … Continue reading

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Martinmas Songs

We’ll be singing these songs in a lantern procession after a soup and bread potluck dinner and the puppet show. Both are from Sing Through Seasons (compiled and edited by the Society of Brothers) Down with Darkness by E. Amiran … Continue reading

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womantalk is moved!

but my address stays the same. Haven’t had much chance to unpack boxes or decorate the new place yet. WordPress defaulted me to their 2010 theme, and I’ve lost all my wigits. Looking forward to doing all that in spits … Continue reading

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Downtime is moving!! This does not affect the web address in anyway, and the site will probably look exactly the same – but the web address will likely be down for 24-48 hours. And I will be sweating bullets … Continue reading

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