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Have shovel, will dig

Some people go to the beach for long walks. Some go to watch the sun set or to look for migrating gray whales. Not my family. We go to the beach to dig. Last week, my husband made a bit … Continue reading

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The Monique-Murdy Cycle of Acceptance

Somehow I always seem to have more of an appetite for travel than the rest of my family, which seems (to me) easily solved by hopping off for a travel adventure on my own with baby in tow. But it … Continue reading

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Late night convo with hubby

Late Me (crawling into bed after an unexpected treat of eating buttered toast, drinking tea, and reading People magazine by myself): Did you know Robin Wright and Sean Penn broke up? And Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet? Chad (sleepily): Mhhhmph.Yeah, … Continue reading

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The Hubby's List

As those of you who know Chad know – he is not just an information guy, but he is also a movie and music guy. He borders on obsessive when it comes to watching movies, so if your taste is … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

A little video from JibJab that Chad put together for Halloween featuring me, him, Bella, and the baby – singing and dancing! Check it out here: The Monster Mash

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Happy Birthday CHAD!

Here’s to many more days of adventuring together in your 39th year. I love that we explore cities as well as the outdoors together. And here’s to eating cake together (although with tonight’s lasagna, I think an apple crisp will … Continue reading

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Chad's Birthday Week

Alpacca – shaved, I guess because of the heat. We’re just finishing up Chad’s birthday week – although it might last through the weekend, since we are taking the train up into LA tomorrow for art, French dip at Phillipe’s, … Continue reading

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Me: So, do you still wish we’d had a girl? Chad: What? Naw! This is as good as it gets – right here [gazing down at his pally-wally in his arms…]

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Now That I'm Home,

what’s there to post? And just to clarify, I had explicit permission from Chad to post the picture in the now-deleted post that was called, “Rainy Day Activity: Alpha-Sort.” After seeing the kinds of comments it was garnering and a … Continue reading

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Top Ten Movies of 2007

Sheesh, I’ve only spent half of this year married to Chad, but I still feel like I have comprehensively seen every major player for the 2008 Oscar’s. When I looked over my list of movies watched in 2007, I was … Continue reading

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