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I thought the penthouse was fancy

Aaaaaaaah. We made it here. Sue’s place is on the 8th floor, so I have a nice view of the city lights through the potted trees that line her dining room patio. (There are three inhabited woven bird nests in … Continue reading

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Just before leaving

It’s eight in the morning and we’re going to try and pull out of here by nine. Good luck with that one – Songbae’s just pulled up with all his worldly possessions stuffed into, now Bella’s, car, and we’re tossing … Continue reading

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So you want to be a community organizer…

I highly recommend Barack Obama’s autobiography, Dream from My Father. Damn, it’s good. I’ve never heard of somebody wanting to grow up and be a community organizer – I mean, what does a community organizer DO anyway? Apparently they really … Continue reading

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50% vs 100%

I tell you, Christian looks like a white boy in comparison!

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My Little Niece

Nabi Grace’s father says, “She’s finally reached the age where I can take her picture again because she doesn’t monkey with all my equipment when I set up the photo shoot.” I hope Joss gets some good ones of Christian … Continue reading

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A Ridiculously Great Loot Bag

The World Breastfeeding Week Picnic is now right around the corner (August 1 at Alta Laguna Park from 11 am- 2 pm) and next Tuesday we will be assembling our 100 gift bags. These bags are the best FREE gift … Continue reading

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Free Fun

The last couple Tuesdays I’ve been heading over to my local branch library (Laguna Niguel) to check out their family fun nights. All the programs are funded by the Friends of the Library and are absolutely FREE to the public. … Continue reading

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The Best Chicken Recipe of the Summer

Since I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve only allowed one person’s tweets to go directly to my phone and that’s Maya; one, because I know she won’t abuse it, and two, I find myself completely interested in everything she’s doing, especially … Continue reading

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REAL Downsizing…

My brother Songbae got laid off months ago and is now moving to Thailand to live in our younger sister’s guest room indefinitely. He is sorting through his things and, apparently impressed by this guy’s efforts to reduce the number … Continue reading

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Resist the usual

Of course creativity works!! Saw this clip by following a link on my friend John’s tweet. [youtube=]

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