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Bella has Discovered Ravelry

  We’ve just reached a tipping point. Bella suddenly wants me to knit, crochet, or otherwise make a whole pile of cute things for her – you know, before winter break is over. She says she finds the Ravelry site … Continue reading

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Sorority Insight

I have still shaking my head in disbelief at how much Bella has benefited from being a part of a sorority. Any class, teacher, job, or association at UCLA she’s interested in, there is a Delta Gamma sister who can … Continue reading

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Bella Update

Thx everybody for always asking about Bella. I’m happy to give updates. She seems to be adjusting well and having fun. She has been home twice for the weekend; Bella as guest rather than resident is a novel experience. We’re … Continue reading

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Prom in 2011

Things have changed since 1986 when I went to my high school prom. Dresses are shorter, heels are higher, and apparently it is now all the rage to execute a creative way to ask your date to go. These are … Continue reading

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Awards Ceremony Thought Bubbles

There are 150+ kids with academic distinction (3.5 GPA or higher)?! This is going to take all night. There are 78 valedictorians (4.0 or higher)?! I am proud of Bella for being a valedictorian, but this is going to take … Continue reading

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Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC)

I’d never heard of this program before, but it works for me! Basically, high-achieving kids at the high school are offered a guaranteed admission to a UC school just based on grade-point average. This is an excerpt from the letter … Continue reading

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That Girl has Sass on Her

Me: Bella, You have A LOT of clothes. Bella: And you Mom, have a lot of YARN.

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The Monique-Murdy Cycle of Acceptance

Somehow I always seem to have more of an appetite for travel than the rest of my family, which seems (to me) easily solved by hopping off for a travel adventure on my own with baby in tow. But it … Continue reading

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The Pleasures (and Panics) of (Almost) Grown Children

While we were away for a month, Bella’s car needed to be moved and reparked twice a week or street cleaning, so she worked out a deal with Chad: he’d move the car twice each week and in exchange she … Continue reading

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My Jetset Girl

We dropped Bella off at the airport Tuesday night and she flew back to the States all by herself! She arrived at LAX after 9 pm, and then had to turn around and get to John Wayne Airport the next … Continue reading

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