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I have a new rat in my life. Yes, I know that rats gross out some of you city-dwellers, but anyway. We once had two rats (supposedly they are super social and need company to be well-adjusted…) but no matter … Continue reading

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the brink of change

Well, I guess the fact that I’m up at 1:30 in the morning speaks for itself; I’m busier than usual these days. It never fails when I have something to procrastinate for – the degree of business is directly proportional … Continue reading

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nytimes best book list

I like lists. This one just came out in the NYTimes and covers the best American fiction of the last 25 years. I suppose I will finally have to break down and read Delillo. My boyfriend goes on and on … Continue reading

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hi-desert test sites

Um, it’s a little embarrassing that it’s taken me this long to talk about art, especially since that is ostensibly what I am studying for my master’s degree. (What is it about grad school that makes me want to use … Continue reading

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website question

I have a burning question, but it is a little hard for me to explain because I don't know all the lingo: You know how when you type in a URL, you might get routed to another site with a … Continue reading

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Long Beach Aquarium

I saw this cute Leafy Sea Dragon at the Long Beach Aquarium. This Aquarium leans towards the exotic and glamourous, but it is pretty fun to be where they breed these guys! Also got to stroke a manta ray. Be … Continue reading

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buying a house

Escrow closed on my house last week; I am officially a home-owner! It is a small 3-bedroom, 2-bath on .82 acres fenced with a two (ha, ha) car garage.  I got it for $188,000. Yes, houses are still affordable if … Continue reading

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more stuff I watch

My top three movies from the last six months (perhaps the last year – but I can't remember that far back…) 1. Grizzly Man (IMDb 8.1/10)- Yup, I know I can't believe it's at number one either, but remember when … Continue reading

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why i'm applying for another job

Public school teachers are the ditch diggers of the academic world. There is little respect and yet we are expected to pay special attention to every individual student and do lots of stuff for free. The work is repetitive and … Continue reading

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