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Leafy Green Soup

Eating all the greens in our CSA basket every two weeks is proving to be a challenging task – but something I know is worth the effort. The last few times we got a huge leafy green thing with a … Continue reading

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Giddy with Points

Songbae has just given Sue and I a really fun gift. A really, really fun gift. He said, “Hey you guys, I don’t have time to use my credit card reward points – want ’em?” Heck yeah we do. He … Continue reading

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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I’ve just received yet another package of hand-me-down baby goodies from yet another friend. That makes six or seven baby packages I’ve received now, not including all the gifts pressed into my hands every time I walk into another mother’s … Continue reading

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26 Week Pregnancy Update

Freaky thought: according the the book Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week by Glades Curtis, if my baby were born right now, he (Christian Holden Murdy) or she (Sophia Rose Murdy) would mostly likely live. The baby should be about two pounds now … Continue reading

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Oscar Night

I see women on stage like Cate Blanchett and Jessica Alba, pregnant and all dressed up, and all I can do is be thankful is that I am home curled up next to my husband, wearing comfy stretch pants, eating … Continue reading

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The Squid and the Blah Blah

We’ve almost finished watching Margot at the Wedding and the family dynamics are so awful that it’s making me feel nauseous. Worse even because I think I can be as mean as Margot. I don’t think I want to watch … Continue reading

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A Bella Riddle

Bella: “Hey Mom! What do you call one of those things that looks like a giant CD and you play it with a needle?” Chad: “A phonograph?” Me: “Are you talking about a record player?” Bella: ” Yeah! One of … Continue reading

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Songbae Needs Twitter

Songbae’s been in Asia these last ten days for a wedding in Manila and a few side trips to see family and friends. He’s been entertaining us with his brief emails scatter shot to his family and colleagues from his … Continue reading

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There Goes the Play Money

Last week I heard that there were terrible winds in Joshua Tree. By terrible, I mean that my tenant says he thought the winds were going 70 m.p.h. all night long. It wasn’t a good night to be out either, … Continue reading

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Would Make a Good Statue

On our hike past the Golden Gate Bridge we caught this boxer posing for its owner.

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