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I am a gloater, I admit it

I won! I won! I won! Remember the weight loss contest Chad proposed a month or so ago? Two hundred fifty dollars to whomever could reach his/her target weight by last Sunday? Chad needed to lose nine pounds to reach … Continue reading

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Chad has declared a two hundred fifty dollar weight loss contest for the month of August. He proposed that the money should come out of the wedding gift money (lots!) and I suggested that the money should be used towards … Continue reading

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Short Round

This  is one of the pics we took by the edge of the woods and creek I loved as  a seven-year old.  I’m posting it and not another, because you can’t tell here that I’ve already gained back half the … Continue reading

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nutrition for runners

Chad’s parents are convinced that Chad and I are getting sick more frequently this winter because we lost too much weight at once. Chad’s lost about thirty pounds and I lost about fifteen pounds over a period of three months … Continue reading

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how not to gain weight

Once the weight is off, the next hard part is keeping it off. Chad and I are still feeling good about our weight but both of us are gradually putting it back on. See, the downside of doing a renegade … Continue reading

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ice cream break

Only two more hours to go in order to make today’s thesis quota. Help me! 1/2 cup (1/4 of a pint container) Ben and Jerry’s Pistacio Pistacio = 7 points

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How I lost 13 pounds

Fine, fine, fine, I’ll get back to the summary of how I lost 13 pounds, which I promised several days ago (or yesterday).  Thirteen pounds brings me to 120 pounds, which actually was my original goal weight, but … but … Continue reading

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10 points = vegetarian cheeseburger and fries

This is Chad’s invention and requires a trip to Trader Joe’s: 3 = Honey Wheat Hamburger Bun 2 = Morningstar Griller’s Vegan Burger 0 = Kosher Sandwich Pickles 1.5 = Sliced Soy Cheese (Cheddar flavor) .5 = ketchup 3 = … Continue reading

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mange ta soupe

Another zero-point soup: an invention of my own. I call it Green Soup. Bella likes it and we have it over rice for an afterschool snack. Saute a whole chopped onion and a whole bunch of celery (preferably organic) in … Continue reading

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Denial – a river in egypt?

In Laguna at the moment, and just back from a 1 1/2 hour run. I wore my old running shoes and it reminded me of the Death Valley Marathon I ran with these sneaks in 2004. Chad is getting pretty … Continue reading

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