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Bella has Discovered Ravelry

  We’ve just reached a tipping point. Bella suddenly wants me to knit, crochet, or otherwise make a whole pile of cute things for her – you know, before winter break is over. She says she finds the Ravelry site … Continue reading

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Hat Weather

It’s been unseasonably hot here in SoCal, but all through the summer heat, I fretted about my two little nieces enduring their first winter in Melbourne. That fretting led to knitting, and well, one knitting project led to another. By … Continue reading

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Blood Harmony

I’ve been listening to the Lester Family play and sing music for nearly 20 years. Both Bella and now Christian are growing up listening to “the baby Lesters.” Speaking of which, if you have babies or toddlers about, I highly … Continue reading

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Dear Santa

For the past few years, I’ve been the delegated holiday gift shopper for both my parents and my brother. My parents give me an allowance of $100 per grandkid and $200 per adult child. It’s pretty fun to spend. This … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Songbae!

Christian is sleeping and I’m tearing myself away from my book (A Clash of Kings – the second in the Game of Thrones series) to write a happy birthday post for my brother. Especially seeing as how I never got … Continue reading

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Babies, Blankets, and Wedding Bliss

I love me a big challenge of a craft project, and suddenly these gorgeous big blanket (and carpet!) projects are flying at me from all over the web. I’ve tweeted a bit about them, but wanted the excuse to post … Continue reading

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Santa’s Last-Minute Workings

Reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides which doesn’t sound like a very Christmas-y book (it’s not), but it IS all about family and history. It got me thinking about how easy it is to lose our family history – sadly, it … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping at Costco

The following events are typical for my family in the holiday season: 1. My father cut me a check for $1500 and asked me to buy gifts for everybody in the family ($200 for me, my siblings, and spouses; $100 … Continue reading

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The Prize

You’ll want to buy some extra raffle tickets to try and win this hand-crafted beauty at tomorrow’s World Breastfeeding Week Picnic and Fundraiser.

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Finishing One Project at a Time

However painful it is, my projects do sometimes reach a conclusion. I like beginnings better. Here are two endings from this week. Now to tackle Christian’s woolen vest that I started last winter. Just need to do the neck and … Continue reading

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