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Maximizing Gain from Book Weeding

Living on a tight budget really ratchets up a particular quality of mine, one that has to do with being obsessed with optimization. Example: I want to get rid of a bunch of books. Is it best to a) drop … Continue reading

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Story-telling Techniques

I am busy practicing and memorizing the new puppet show for the first playgroup of the new cycle (late winter). I am trying to incorporate the techniques we learned during Devana‘s storytelling workshop last month, which I’ll try and list … Continue reading

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Dolly Sweater

I’ve had a request to post the directions for the sweater I knit up for Christian’s dolly, Sterling. These are directions for knitting a standard rolled sleeve wool sweater for a 16″ doll on double-pointed needles (dpn). I used the … Continue reading

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A friend of a friend…

The provenance of this story: Just got this email from my brother. He got it from a good friend Marc. Marc went to college with Pieter who wrote the emails below from the first-hand experience of working in Haiti last … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Rain


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Late Winter Playgroup Songs (Cycle 3)

These are the songs, poems, and handplays for our weekly Waldorf in the Woods playgroup for February and March. Our puppet show will be The Porridge Pot, and will be told using table puppets. I’ve included short clips of the … Continue reading

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Michele O'Marah @ Cottage Home

Everything comes together in Michele O’Marah’s show, “A Girl’s Gotta Do What a Girl’s Gotta Do.” Leaning heavily on 90’s nostalgia, three video installations recreate the stickiest un-feminist moments of Pamela Anderson Lee’s Barb Wire and hilariously O’Marah manages to … Continue reading

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Huntington Gardens with Five Kids

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A Fair Trade

While I couldn’t get away with making or trading for Bella’s Christmas gifts (camera, black velour Juicy sweats, knee-high black boots, clapper lights, earrings from Tiffany’s – you get the idea – she made out like a bandit this year … Continue reading

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Salmon Wellington

Bella’s made this dish four times since the end of December. It is unreasonably simple and tasty, but should be reserved for guests, not just because the puff pastry makes for a lovely presentation, but because the puff pastry is … Continue reading

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