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Holiday Photo Shoot

My efforts to produce a New Year’s card for 2010 have been plagued with the kind of small obstacles that multiply and appear in front of rushed harried persons around the holidays. To wit, I picked up our first set … Continue reading

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Candy Cane Lane

Yes, it’s true, Americans like to go over the top. Christian’s been loving the lights this holiday season, so we made a point of visiting Candy Cane Lane (actually, El Corzo Lane in Rancho Santa Margarita) on Christmas Eve. Bella … Continue reading

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Christmas Morning

Christian was pleased to make the acquaintance of a new dolly friend, Sterling, who was asleep in bed next to him when he woke. He was happy with his wooden tree blocks as well. (And his Christmas sweater was a … Continue reading

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It is not seemly, I’m sure, to boast about one’s own projects, but I am hyperventilating over the cuteness of my latest completed craft project: a pocket doll in her own leaf bed. She was a Waldorf in the Woods … Continue reading

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Soup Season

Now that the temps have finally dipped, I’ve started making a couple soups every week. Yum. Especially with stock made from my bi-weekly chicken roasts (in a pinch I use the organic chicken stock from Costco). I’m making Maya’s best … Continue reading

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Bella's Stocking

When I have the chance moment that I’m feeding myself while the baby is asleep, I indulge in one of my bad habits: reading while eating. I prefer magazines – so I don’t have to focus too hard – specifically … Continue reading

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My Plant-Dying Experience

When my friend Devana rhapsodized about the process of plant-dying, I listened with interest, but with the certainty that plant-dying was never going to be one of my hobbies. For one, the process takes a good 18 hours from start … Continue reading

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Smells like the Holidays

Wheee-ew. Just having my first day “at home” (which included going to a parade that was canceled due to the unrelenting downpour and local errands), after a couple weeks of nonstop holiday activity. And our holiday guests haven’t started arriving … Continue reading

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Baby Mama (Put a sling on 'em)

This has been sent to me a couple of times now – got to love those mamas dancing with their babes! Thanks for sharing, Devana and Jaimie. [youtube=]

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You know you're in the former Soviet Union when…

My brother Songbae accepted an internship in Bishkek, Krygzystan for three months. His latest email: “It’s been about a week since I’ve arrived in Bishkek, Krygzystan and there have been plenty of instances that have made all those Peace Corps … Continue reading

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