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Letter to Christian at 9 months

Dear Sir Stands-a-lot, This month has been all about moving about; even though you are still army crawling, you’ve decided to skip the proper crawl and move right into standing and cruising while standing. And heck, why not? You can … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Encouragment

Remember the improv group I posted about, where 207 people froze in place for a full five minutes in Grand Central Station in New York? (It’s worth seeing the clip if you missed it the first time around.) My father-in-law … Continue reading

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I'll take a pass, please

After several weeks of frenzied activity, everything ground to a halt this week – between choosing to stay at home and friends being sick, I’ve found myself at home TWO STRAIGHT DAYS IN A ROW! I’m considering staying at home … Continue reading

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The Children's Garden

The children’s garden at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena is one of the most inventive, ingenious, delightful outside parks I have ever encountered for children. It is at least an hour’s drive from my house and admission to the Huntington … Continue reading

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Highly Recommended

Whoa. Things have gotten really busy all of a sudden – kinda feels out of control and like I need to spend a few days at home. I’m heading out to the Irvine La Leche League meeting here in a … Continue reading

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Mark, meet Williams.

It started around Thanksgiving. I asked my friend Sierra for her osso buco recipe and she introduced me to Williams – Willams-Sonoma recipes online, that is. Every time I asked her for a recipe she would refer me back to … Continue reading

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Photo Journal of One Morning

I loved reading about Maya’s day and Nathen’s day, so I wanted to do a photo journal too. But typical me, I got distracted half-way through the day, so now it’s just a photo journal from wake-up at 7 am … Continue reading

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Rebekah Bogard

With a decidedly feminine slant, Rebekah Bogard imbues her cute doe-eyed bunny creatures and their intimate interactions, with a large dose of sexuality. Pale pink and quite hairless, each coupled pair of ceramic animals is engrossed in their own private … Continue reading

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LN to MdR

For those of you who thought I was the crazy one in the marriage, think again. For all Chad’s mild-mannered appearance, he can be intense, and intensely determined. The picture above is of Chad’s route from Laguna Niguel to Marina … Continue reading

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The Art We Saw In D.C.

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