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Just in case you thought I wasn’t busy enough… I’ve started a Foundations program, which is the first year of Waldorf teacher training – which is not to say that I want to be a Waldorf teacher – but rather … Continue reading

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Preview for Painting Show, “Departures” at Zask Gallery

Art, like life, is a moderated tension between intuition and logic; chaos and control. Four  artists, Virginia Katz, Margaret Lazzari, Maggie Lowe Tenneson, and Ruth Trotter make abstract paintings that are steeped at once in their own personal experience and … Continue reading

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Opportunistic is Different Than Competitive…

a little insight into my character via a quick email my sister sent to my daughter, Bella this morning: “bella, did i ever tell you that story about how your ‘civilian’ mother could do push-ups? i was just thinking about … Continue reading

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Hat Weather

It’s been unseasonably hot here in SoCal, but all through the summer heat, I fretted about my two little nieces enduring their first winter in Melbourne. That fretting led to knitting, and well, one knitting project led to another. By … Continue reading

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Girl Names

SONGBAE AND OLGA ARE HAVING A GIRL. Due February 2013. Can you tell I’m excited? Songbae has asked for help in the name department. Chad submitted Eve and Veda (Christian’s alternate name had he been born a girl). I (still) … Continue reading

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