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He’s Going to be Okay!

We made our first emergency room trip with Christian today. Is there nothing worse than your own child being hurt? I can’t think of anything that would hurt me more. I’ve been at the La Leche League conference in Newport … Continue reading

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After Christian Goes to Sleep

Chad and I watch movies. This year I’ve resolved to keep better track of my movies as I am often asked for recommendations. Or at least, I enjoy giving recommendations. Check the tab above to see lists of my previously … Continue reading

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Too Long for a Tweet

I woke up this morning to dozens of birthday wishes in my mailbox, some from folks I haven’t seen in over twenty years. That is the strangeness and hilarity this side of facebook. My parents sang me Happy Birthday as … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Christian!

Yesterday you received what may be the best birthday card you’ll ever get. It’s a homemade Star Wars-themed card from your buddy, Aiden. It’s a keeper. (Although he also loves the Strawberry Shortcake card from Anna, which plays a rousing, … Continue reading

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I Heart Earthroots

So, after that last laundry list of chores I posted, my sister expressed sisterly exasperation about 1) my lack of posting and 2) my current limited range of topics. Sorry, All, life’s been getting in the way. I’m still here … Continue reading

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Optimistic Opportunist

My siblings arrive for a visit in approximately seven weeks. I’ve decided to try and complete one large onerous organizational household task each week until then. It’s not so much that I care what they think about my house (they … Continue reading

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Late Spring/Early Summer Songs

We’re squeezing in one more late spring/early summer playgroup cycle before we break until autumn. That completes our third year! As per usual, most of the handplays and poems come from Betty Jones’ A Child’s Seasonal Treasury plus a song … Continue reading

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