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Happy Halloween!

A little video from JibJab that Chad put together for Halloween featuring me, him, Bella, and the baby – singing and dancing! Check it out here: The Monster Mash

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The combined events of the week: craft night at Devana’s tonight and Bella’s birthday this weekend, shone favorably on the making of spanakopita, which I rarely make these days, due to the idiosyncrasies of phyllo dough. But here I am. … Continue reading

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looking on the bright side

I went to the dentist yesterday to check on the status of the deep pocket behind my furthermost upper molar and the news was not good. Although all my other teeth registered smaller numbers (and hence less recession of my … Continue reading

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The Fun Theory

I love the idea behind this project – of injecting fun into ordinary mundane moments of our life. Curiosity and laughter are necessary for mental and emotional health! [youtube=]

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Letter to Christian at 17 Months

Dear Baby, I swore that after you turned a year, I wasn’t going to count your age in months, because it has always seemed like a silly over-specific practice to me, but here I am – You just change so … Continue reading

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A Martinmas Puppet Show

My friend Darlene wrote this puppet show twenty years ago and it’s a hit every single year when she performs it for all the children at her annual Martinmas celebration. [a selection of related highly recommended Darlene links: Apple Days, … Continue reading

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More Fall Waldorf Songs

We’re going into winter halfway through our second cycle of our Waldorf in the Woods playgroup – so I’m trying to make the transition with apple “stars.” (Winter will have more star songs…) Some of the songs are repeated (and … Continue reading

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Ti-ti and Ganma

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And Jolly Old King was He

My dad turned 69 yesterday, but since he was in Korea he turned 70. (Koreans count you as one year old when you are born; forthwith everybody turns a year older each new year – hence the huge-ness of celebrating … Continue reading

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Joshua Tree Camping Debrief

Back from two outrageous nights of camping in Joshua Tree National Park. I say outrageous, because it was three moms and seven kids. It was a lot of work, but very very worth it. I got to Joshua Tree Sunday … Continue reading

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