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Homeschooling 101

As Christian and his friends approach their fourth birthdays this year, there has been a lot of buzzing about schooling and homeschooling, because frankly most conventionally schooled kids are already in some “school” situation by this age. As a mom … Continue reading

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Holy Jim Trail – Winter 2012

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Japanese Pictorial Ikats at the Fowler Museum

The indigo blue of blue jeans may be as American as an apple pie, but a small room at the Fowler Museum shows that indigo blue is also as Japanese as a kimono or futon. This focused exhibition is a … Continue reading

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Clean Cleanse Debrief

Chad and I successfully completed a full 21 days of the clean cleanse. and with very little cheating. We both lost about ten pounds (me a little less, Chad a little more) and our stomachs and digestive system felt good. … Continue reading

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Beginnings and Ends

Hello, My name is Jeannie and I like to begin things. It’s really, really hard for me to finish things. I also suffer from the related affliction of procrastination. It’s just that the idea of something has, let’s face it, … Continue reading

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It’s Viral

I stayed home with my sick kid today and as my co-instructor also had a sick kid, Forest Kindie was canceled today for the first time. As Christian is now so fond of saying, his eyes are all gummed up. … Continue reading

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