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I Swear I’m Not Controlling…

Well, maybe I am.* Here’s my suggested schedule for when my brother and sister visit next week. But truly, these are suggestions and totally up for revision and spontaneity. It’s just that I find it reassuring to work with even … Continue reading

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Not-Back-to-School Camp

Something I’m excited about, but haven’t had much chance to talk about (because my sister and brother are arriving in a week! yee-haw), is Not-Back-To-School Camp. I’m working there this year (again). I’ll be an advisor, which is like being … Continue reading

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Prom in 2011

Things have changed since 1986 when I went to my high school prom. Dresses are shorter, heels are higher, and apparently it is now all the rage to execute a creative way to ask your date to go. These are … Continue reading

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Awards Ceremony Thought Bubbles

There are 150+ kids with academic distinction (3.5 GPA or higher)?! This is going to take all night. There are 78 valedictorians (4.0 or higher)?! I am proud of Bella for being a valedictorian, but this is going to take … Continue reading

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Rockin’ Dudes

Sorry for the pain that the post on Christian’s accident may have caused you. I didn’t consider the alarm I would cause in other people’s minds in the midst of my own worry. Thank you for all the concerned emails … Continue reading

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