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Racheting Down a Bedtime Routine

Have I not yet recommended you read Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children by Sharifa Oppenheimer? It is a excellent parenting resource and I recommend it HIGHLY. It is the book that we are reading book … Continue reading

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Letter to Titi at 21 Months

[youtube=] Dear Baby, This language acquisition stuff is the best. You make me hoot and holler all the time. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR MATERIAL?? Today you pointed to a fuzzball under my desk and shouted, “Goss! Deegusting! Tash! (“trash”)” … Continue reading

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Printable Oscar Ballot

Only eleven days to the Oscars. I’ve wrangled an invite to a friend’s house with cable. We’ve started pinning down a menu: orange chicken fajitas, posole, chocolate cake… And now I’m frantically watching as many of the nominated movies as … Continue reading

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Rockin' Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Between catching up with all the movies nominated for Best Picture and Christian running amuck 24/7, I’ve had very little time at my computer. (Evidence: 283 emails in my inbox…and 296 in my action folder! Let’s just hope that the … Continue reading

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Another Beautiful day in LaLaLand

Chad and I spent last Friday in LA seeing art. The weather was perfect. It was a pre-Valentine’s Day day. We planned the day around art, fountains, and lunch at Mendocino Farms. The Kurabato Pork Belly Ciabatta Panini rocked out.

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Plant-Dyed Booty

I am really really blown away by this plant-dying business. Check out the colors we got from BLACK BEANS, and RED and YELLOW ONION SKINS, and WALNUT HULLS. It’s absolutely fantastic. And we did it in the kitchen! Do you … Continue reading

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Daniel Aksten

Quirky, pixilated paintings by Daniel Aksten are the highlight of the new downtown gallery, CB1Gallery’s inaugural show, “Difference and Repetition.”  Uniform metal panels explore a restrained palette (red, grey, yellow…) with taped grids and squares with rounded corners. Featuring both … Continue reading

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Advanced Shape Recognition

This week Christian got up from his potty and looked in. And then said, “Mushroom.” Sure enough, his poop had landed vertically, was a bit squished down on top, and looked like a mushroom. Then yesterday, he got up. It … Continue reading

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Not Chocolate Cake

You know how it goes, It’s all fun until it gets in your nose. I’ve already posted the video below, but am posting a second time since it goes with the pictures Sierra sent me from her iPhone. Just look … Continue reading

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January 2010 Goals

Bella has picked up a new favorite phrase from her psych teacher – now she calls my oft-procrastinated new year’s cards, ‘Merry May’ cards. Indeed, it’s February and they’re still not done. Part of my reluctance, is that some of … Continue reading

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