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friendly me

Today I walked into yoga feeling pretty chipper. I saw my friend and gave her a kiss and a hug, like we always do. Then another friend walked in and the same thing happened so then, another old friend at … Continue reading

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gilmore girl junkie

How can you resist, Hey mom if we start watching right now we can watch a lot more episodes than we did last night! Almost done with the first season…

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how many hits a day?

From an e-flux ad about ArtReview’s new November issue: Power in the digital age: Google and Flickr 2005 TOP 10 1. Damien Hirst, artist, Uk 2. Larry Gagosian, dealer/ gallerist US 3. Francois Pinault, owner of Christie’s /collector, France 4. … Continue reading

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Interesting that my daughter would turn and say, Mom! What is it with you and voices lately? Thesis thoughts creep into my conversation on the way back from the grocery store. Sheesh, I was just wishing (out loud) that I … Continue reading

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lizard tails

I have a horror of detached wriggling lizard tails which makes me wary of catching lizards. Besides the absolute freakiness of a detached tail lurching back and forth (evolved for maximum fascination), I also have to contend with the tail-less … Continue reading

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last night of summer

Yes, I know summer is officially until the equinox, but when school starts, it really does feel like an end… this year I don’t have a classroom to worry about and that takes a world of worry from my mind. … Continue reading

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Denial – a river in egypt?

In Laguna at the moment, and just back from a 1 1/2 hour run. I wore my old running shoes and it reminded me of the Death Valley Marathon I ran with these sneaks in 2004. Chad is getting pretty … Continue reading

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I am not like Lorelei

Just finished three straight episodes of Gilmore Girls. I resented it at first – just don’t like how the single mom stereotypes into being her daughter’s best friend and the “cool mom,” but now as we near the end of … Continue reading

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How dumb am I?

Never let your daughter go kitten shopping with her friend or else you will be subjected to endless phone calls, text messages, and pics. Non-stop begging. here are two she liked.

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Jeannie stamp-of-approval

These video logs (vlogs) at youtube should not be missed. This was rec’d by my learned friend John; it is an old man telling stories: recollections of going to art school in the late 1940’s, his teachers, impressions of Hockney’s … Continue reading

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