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Thesis update

For my last half hour of my six-hours today I will count blogging as “thesis activity”(and I swear not to talk about beach time breaks or mountain bike buying). Just for the record: doing thesis stuff for six hours every … Continue reading

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thesis break

Just back from washing my mouse ball. Yup, it was sticky. I am now offically taking a ten-minute break from my thesis, even though Bella is gone for the rest of the day and night and I should be treating … Continue reading

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thesis anxieties

I guess it is a little revealing that this is my first post about my thesis. Yes, yes, okay, blame the P-word (procrastination). I thought I would post parts of my thesis – because it seems like I read more … Continue reading

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carat, cut, clarity, and color

So we’re shopping. I did consider other stones, especially after I heard about the marketing that led to the indoctrination of “diamonds are forever” into American culture – but it is hard to argue with the top of the hardness … Continue reading

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My boyfriend won. I mean, he was being so psycho there was no way I was going there with him. I just couldn’t bring myself to run for more than 1/2 hour a day, especially after eating vegetable soup for … Continue reading

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jogger's fright

Friday, I ran my regular route, which is a big 1/2 hour rectangle in my neighborhood. In the beginning, I was carrying small stones for protection against stray dogs. In my old neighborhood, loose mean dogs were a standing problem. … Continue reading

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