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Reading My Eyeballs Out

  “…the wilderness had a clarity that included me.” I’m halfway through a book I started yesterday, and I have the sore eyeballs to prove it. Cheryl Strayed walked the Pacific Coast Trail by herself at age 26 to try … Continue reading

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Cow-Calf Combo

Last week Christian and I joined a few friends on a whale watching boat tour out of Dana Point Harbor. I’ve always considered whale-watching to a bit of a touristy thing, because after all I have seen whales feeding just … Continue reading

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Hunting for Rattlesnakes

Every morning this week, Christian has woken up asking if TODAY was the day we were going on a snake walk. Today, I finally got to say YES, TODAY IS THE SNAKE WALK! It was really easy to get Christian … Continue reading

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Look Ma, no ‘poo!

Twenty years ago I was introduced to the idea that shampoo might be superfluous. This was a mind-blowing concept to me. My German friend explained to me that we wash all the oil out of hair and then re-add grease … Continue reading

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It’s Happening in Space: Claudia Bucher, a Morphospective

Born of a strange confluence between Pacific Standard Time, Mike Kelley’s suicide, and the unanticipated liquidation of her father’s art foundation, Claudia Bucher’s upcoming show at L2Contemporary could be expected to have a bitter tone. Thankfully, any darkness is tempered … Continue reading

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Caine’s Arcade

This great video has been making the rounds. It just goes to show that kids really do only need cardboard, tape, and their imaginations to do whatever they want. BOREDOM is necessary for CREATION. I love Caine’s Cardboard Arcade. I … Continue reading

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