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A Retraction and Apology

I’ve been duped! Earlier this month I posted a youtube video of popcorn being popped by cellphones. According to this website,  this website, and this website, the whole thing is a hoax. It turns out that it is just another … Continue reading

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L'il Squeaker

I know, I know, other people’s baby videos are totally boring. But I’m posting this video of Christian for the benefit of friends and family who are far away. Listen to him squeak! (“Squeak” is probably not a good nickname, … Continue reading

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A Non-Baby Post

Before the baby was born, I read a really good book. It was one of the handful of books recommended to me by the new guy at work; the poet from UCI. It’s In Revere, In Those Days by Roland … Continue reading

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Things Christian Does Well at One Month

He poops a lot (and often explosively). He can make his mouth as small as a pea. He nurses like a champ. When he nurses he flexes both feet hard and clenches his little fists by his cheeks. He out-squeaks … Continue reading

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The New Dad

I caught Chad and the baby sound asleep this weekend. I think Christian likes the warmth of his dad’s armpit. And here’s Chad with BOTH his babies. See what I mean by the armpit warmth? I guess you can tell … Continue reading

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Of course I make it up as I go along…

Me: Bella, you’re grounded for another day – no, make that TWO DAYS. And that includes NO PHONE! Bella: MOM! You just make it up as you go along! M: Of course I make it up as I go along! … Continue reading

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Three Weeks Old Yesterday

I really had forgotten how much time it takes to take care of a new one. Which means I lie in bed nursing Christian mentally formulating posts – only to get to the computer with not enough time to actually … Continue reading

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Almost Disillusioned Craigslist User

I was very excited about getting rid of a bunch of old junk via craigslist (and freecycle), but after innumerable emails and several phone calls, we went to bed that day with the same amount of junk we had started … Continue reading

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I'm a Believer

I missed my nap today because I got too caught up in the craigslist world. I had no idea that craigslist was this massive moving freeway of exchange and that once I jumped on I would be hurtled down a … Continue reading

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Reasons I Love/Hate Mom

She tells me all the things I’m doing wrong with Christian: holding him too much, letting his nails get too long, letting him get too cold… When she holds Christian she leans forward and whispers, “I’m always available for you, … Continue reading

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