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Brined Turkey

Even though I am supposed to be the head chef at Thanksgiving this year, my dad keeps dropping hints about brining a turkey which I had never heard of. (The parents are all going out for a game of shotgun … Continue reading

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Bella's favorite alouette sandwiches

These sandwiches have been a favorite ever since I learned to make them working at The Perfect Cup at White Flint Mall. They are high-calorie, so we reserve them for special occasions, like Bella’s birthday week. You need four croissants, … Continue reading

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Welcome Luca!

Another baby born – and I find out about it the NYTimes, because his parents are a hip, happening NYC couple. I’ve known Chieun since sixth grade – the father is Brian Bistrong, executive chef at Harrison’s. That’s the second … Continue reading

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Kierkegaard said,

“Above all, do not lose your desire to walk: every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness; I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so … Continue reading

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a wedding for $2000 or less

In general, I am thinking: $500 food (Korean BBQ – including plasticware etc, maybe a couple of new coolers) $350 booze (including champagne) $400 film and processing $200 flowers (downtown L.A.) $200 invites, thank yous, and postage (make our own) … Continue reading

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sign me up for the pink leather toolbelt

Well, on a thesis day it normally takes me several hours to get my desk cleared off and prepped. Today is a bit worse because I am mired in a massive email clean-up. So, this is the last post until … Continue reading

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potty post

Intrigued by a mention of a show called “Weeds” in blueheliotrope’s blog, I did a quick search in google and came up with an article about a show called “Who’s Afraid of San Francisco?” at the Frey Norris Gallery and … Continue reading

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NYC To-Do List

A reason to visit MoMA while in NYC next month: Brice Marden retrospective. n.b. Must remember to borrow my friend’s membership card. There is a write-up of the exhibit here, but it talks more about Marden’s multiple property holdings around … Continue reading

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wrapping text

When I stay home, so many things get done. Today, I spent the morning at Bella’s soccer game (so far they are undefeated); shopped for groceries at the farmer’s market and grocery store; made a deposit at the bank; cleaned … Continue reading

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beaumont fire

For those you interested in this fire, which is burning about 45 minutes from my house, here is an article from the NYTimes. It is relatively small (39,00 acres so far), but sadly four firefighters got trapped by the windblown … Continue reading

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