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Giselle's First Time at the Doggie Park

Ha! Chad and I just got back from the local doggie park – what a gas. First of all, dog people seem to tend toward extroverted, friendly types, so we were chatting with lots of other dog parents. And all … Continue reading

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Recalled Dog Food

Yikes! In an article titled, “Rat Poison Found in Pet Food Linked to 14 Deaths” in today’s NYTimes, I discovered that the brand I have been feeding Giselle has been recalled. (Read the article here.) I did a little more … Continue reading

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Puppy Food 101

Yikes – I don’t post for a couple days and suddenly I’ve lost my flow; where on earth did I find the time? Damn shame too, because my stats were going great last week. Maybe the blog stats were pressuring … Continue reading

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The New Pup

I call her Bat-head or Milk Dud.

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Puppy poop

Good thing Giselle’s little puppy poops are only two inches long or else I might be far more irritated. Chad came home with her Friday night and she is even smaller than I remembered! But she has settled in pretty … Continue reading

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I think Chad and I are going to get a little baby chocolate chihuahua puppy for Bella – as “wedding” gift. Her nickname is Little Miss Naked because she is short-haired and her mama is long-haired. By my friend’s account, … Continue reading

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