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Epic Backpack in the Sierras – Two moms and two kids

Day 1 Setting up camp at the trailhead to Maggie Lakes in the Sequoia National Forest was the perfect way to spend the summer solstice. We are the only ones at Shake Camp ($15/night). The kids, R and Christian, are … Continue reading

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2014 Movie Review

So many good movies in 2014! I do not presume to say  which movies are the best, because I will spurn even a very good movie if it has too much psycho-drama and self-loathing (Birdman) and I’ll always watch a … Continue reading

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Florida Summer Memories

I’m looking to book my flight to Boca this summer for another adventurous three weeks in hot steamy Florida. Two moms, five kids, we sure fit in a lot of fun. Here are some snaps of last year’s vacation, in … Continue reading

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Marcus is w1n5t0n is m1k3y

I still prefer holding a real-live book in my hand than a computer device, but a friend has just offered me her old kindle which I am going to give a try. Chad has been reading books exclusively on his … Continue reading

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Best use for an old t-shirt

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The Sound of a Queenless Hive

Working with bees is exhilarating and empowering. There is a lot of deep breathing involved, especially if you are stung, because bees will react to your fear. A couple days after I arrived in Florida, Sierra got called out on … Continue reading

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My Version of “Summer Camp”

I’m in hot, humid Boca Raton for 18 days and it’s turning out just fine. I’m learning tons of new things (beekeeping, canning…); experiencing some incredible wild life (nesting sea turtles); and spending time with some of my favorite people … Continue reading

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My Niece Can Sing

Here is my niece performing “The Hunter’s Song” at her recital.

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Winter Count 2014


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Zimoun Installation at UCI

The sound of one of  Zimoun’s installations is the multitude of many identical noises: often, the buzz, beating, or swiveling of hundreds of the same small motors running simultaneously. The sound could be likened to pattering raindrops, clicking typewriters, droning … Continue reading

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