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More Adventuring

Despite the heat this weekend (yesterday it got up to 90 degrees), Chad and I got in another hike in the Cleveland National Forest. (If you’re wondering where Bella was, she was at home completely rejecting any physical activity after … Continue reading

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The Business of Being Born

Next week is our last Bradley class (natural childbirth) and Chad and I had a small marathon today, finishing up a few borrowed birth videos, including The Business of Being Born (IMDb 6.9/10.0). I liked the movie, but considering that … Continue reading

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More Hiking

Last weekend, Chad and I drove up Modjeska Canyon near where the fires had been last year and found that the trail we wanted was closed indefinitely (The Hardy Trail). We spent a rambling bit of time strolling in the … Continue reading

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Book Clubless

I have detached myself from both book clubs at this point: the first one, because it was falling apart anyway and a two-hour drive to boot, the other, well, I just couldn’t get over the political spam I kept receiving … Continue reading

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Displacement, Boom, Euphoria, Profit Taking, and Panic

In the once widely-disdained credit cycle proposed by Hyman P. Minsky, we are currently in the panic stage of the housing/mortgage market, and interestingly, John Cassidy of The New Yorker does not blame Bush, but Fed Chief Greenspan for his … Continue reading

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Back to Square One

Last month when I was at the La Leche League meeting, one of the mothers referred to her daughter named Sophia, and I started to think that as much as I love the idea of daughters named Beauty and Wisdom … Continue reading

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More Adventuring and Holy Jim

Well, now that we’ve gotten started, Chad and I have been off exploring two more times. Last Sunday we drove to top of residential hill finally found the dangnabbit trail head, only to discover that it ended only a quarter … Continue reading

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Adventure Pass

It’s not that often I come upon a place that makes me want to take off all my clothes and ask my husband to start snapping pictures. Unfortunately, my camera was dead, so the photo shoot will have to wait … Continue reading

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Flavorgirl to the Rescue!

I happened to be on the phone with my friend Maya tonight while I was cooking – what a happy coincidence for me. Her superhero name is Flavorgirl because she knows so much about food and cooking healthfully; not only … Continue reading

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