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A Postable Email from Songbae

My brother is still whooping it up in SE Asia (as his 40th birthday looms near on the 21st of September…) and I got this email from him this morning: “forgot to mention that i bribed a cop today when … Continue reading

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The Pleasures (and Panics) of (Almost) Grown Children

While we were away for a month, Bella’s car needed to be moved and reparked twice a week or street cleaning, so she worked out a deal with Chad: he’d move the car twice each week and in exchange she … Continue reading

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Redefining the Line: Art Noveau and the Female Figure

The group exhibition, Redefining the Line: Art Nouveau & the Female Figure, feels like the fond gaze of Art Nouveau’s forebears (Mucha, Klimt, Beardsley, Gaudi) on their modern day grandchildren, although the irony is that the nature of pen and … Continue reading

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Dragon Poop (or Fruit of Thailand in August)

Folks keep asking me to expand on what I ate while I was in Thailand. Lots and lots and lots of fruit. Most any fruit in season can be purchased on the street by the bag (plastic of course), already … Continue reading

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Life Past Jet Lag

It’s taken three nights before Christian has stopped getting up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night perky and ready for the “day.” And another night of lots of waking, but not leaving the bed. But now … Continue reading

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