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shopping for kids at christmas

While I subscribe to Darlene’s view, eloquently put by Harold S. Hulbert: “In bringing up children, spend half the money and twice the time,” if you are going to spend the money (the half part) I’d like to share a … Continue reading

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a half-dozen or six of the other

My honey said he wants to get me something extra-special this year for Christmas, because it is also our five-year anniversary (technically we kissed for the first time a few days into the new year). He’s thinking about a camera … Continue reading

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dark gray Friday shopping

If last Friday was Black Friday (and I actually heard first-hand that there was traffic at the Cabazon outlet mall at 2 am!) then it looks like this Friday is aiming to be a grayer version. A friend just emailed … Continue reading

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some early morning procrastination

Hardy har har. I found this site in my McGill News, although the comic in there was funnier: the first three square are the same guy doing a victory dance, and the last square is his girlfriend saying “OK, so … Continue reading

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