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on the topic of kid flicks

Even though Bella is now thirteen I am still pretty protective about what Bella watches – which means she needs my permission to see any PG-13 movie, and most of the time I prefer her to see them with me. … Continue reading

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look at what I got

A book! This one -> Destination Art by Amy Dempsey (ha, ha – that’s the name of a former roommate. She now lives in Berkeley too, but she certainly was not a book writer…) How cool is that? Thank you … Continue reading

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shopping for kids at christmas

While I subscribe to Darlene’s view, eloquently put by Harold S. Hulbert: “In bringing up children, spend half the money and twice the time,” if you are going to spend the money (the half part) I’d like to share a … Continue reading

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soccer mom

It has finally happened. After five years of avoiding it, I finally volunteered to be the team soccer mom. That means I type up a contact list and game schedule, organize a snack list, order a banner and plan the … Continue reading

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friendly me

Today I walked into yoga feeling pretty chipper. I saw my friend and gave her a kiss and a hug, like we always do. Then another friend walked in and the same thing happened so then, another old friend at … Continue reading

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