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thesis update

I’ve actually pieced together my introduction and have gone to work on my conclusion! My office is getting so clean it is unrecognizable. I have drunk so much Earl Grey (with lemon like the queen) that it may take weeks … Continue reading

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As grumpy as I get

This morning Bella used the blowdryer and the space heater at the same time, blowing a fuse again. And even though I go outside (tromping grumpily) to flip every single fuse switch, nothing turns on again. Which means I have … Continue reading

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demetri martin, comedian

The guy is funny! My brother sent me this link and it looked like some kind of meaningless office spam – there was a heading saying it was somebody’s weird latest web campaign – but it is no campaign at … Continue reading

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chap 2 – revised 7 pages

Classification of Cardiff and Miller’s work has been elusive. Granted, Cardiff’s art practice has ranged widely from printmaking, performance, multimedia installation, and Internet projects, but the inability to pin a tag on her practice goes beyond the contemporary international art … Continue reading

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the guy behind Donkey Kong and Mario Super Bros.

is Shigero Miyamoto. He began as Nintendo’s first official staff artist right out of college and has since become Nintendo’s head creative guy in Japan. Miyamoto said something interesting in an article in American Way magazine (Nov 15, 2006): “Most … Continue reading

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second try

I rummaged through my old thesis word files today and found that dang list of questions I once tried to get Cardiff/Miller to answer. In retrospect, some of the questions seem silly – and others are still very pertinent. Here … Continue reading

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thrilling blog validation

See, spending all this time on my blog is not a big fat waste of time.  I have come to a few bloggy revelations: 1) Ultimately a blog is a tool for self-promotion – even if I am using the … Continue reading

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thesis shocker

After having worked on my thesis for three years, read almost every possible thing about Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, interviewed dozens of people they have worked with, seen/experienced lots of their art, attempted to contact them for an … Continue reading

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Kierkegaard said,

“Above all, do not lose your desire to walk: every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness; I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so … Continue reading

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some early morning procrastination

Hardy har har. I found this site in my McGill News, although the comic in there was funnier: the first three square are the same guy doing a victory dance, and the last square is his girlfriend saying “OK, so … Continue reading

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