demetri martin, comedian

The guy is funny! My brother sent me this link and it looked like some kind of meaningless office spam – there was a heading saying it was somebody’s weird latest web campaign – but it is no campaign at all.

It is the absolutely charming website of a comedian demetri martin. I think it may one of the most clever, low-key websites I have encountered. One webisode can take ten minutes – so visit when you need a break.

I liked when he talked about what a strange mix of pleasure and disgust you get when you step in dog poop. You’re walking, Hard, Hard, Hard and then suddenly, Ah…cushion… before, Ew!

Maybe it’s funnier when he tells it. Anyway – it’s a bit like the Cardiff Miller thing – where he draws you in intimately. You feel like you are listening to a very funny friend tell you stories.

His site is called

Here are some screen shots from his site since I bet most of you will never make it there. That’s not a dare – just a fact. I never click through either. In fact, Mr. Martin says that probably today’s worst insult is, click off!

If you go there, make sure your volume is up.

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