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Life Past Jet Lag

It’s taken three nights before Christian has stopped getting up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night perky and ready for the “day.” And another night of lots of waking, but not leaving the bed. But now … Continue reading

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More Things To Do In Bangkok

Chad and I are busy making sandwiches (BLTs and ham and brie on croissants) and packing up the car. Bella’s friend Dawkins, who will be joining us, arrives momentarily and then we will swoosh by the school to pick up … Continue reading

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Bangkok, Here I Come

I leave Friday for two weeks on EVA, which my sister assured me is a good airline. (Because their mascot is Hello Kitty?) All I know is that I am actually looking forward to the airplane food which will be … Continue reading

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I’m jazzed up the way I get before a big trip: throwing underwear into the air and scrambling through the closet to find clothes that teeter between casual and dressy, depending on the shoes I wear. I’ve also packed way … Continue reading

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Chinatown Bus Debrief

We made it to New York. I am still a little irritated by the two teenage girls I am traveling with, but it’s getting better. I think, because being in the City just cheers me up, period. Although, it is … Continue reading

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Turns out that Amtrak train tickets from Washington D.C. Union Station (WAS) to NY Penn Station (NYP) are more expensive than I remember: $200 one-way – although that may be more a consequence of my lack of prior planning. Luckily, … Continue reading

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This is the Life

really. This is it! I spend 1/3 of the day on me (yoga, massage…), 1/3 hanging around town, and then 1/3 of the time blogging about it. I am living a spa-style blogger life. And eating all the delicious fruit … Continue reading

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Volunteer Opportunities in Asia

Songbae, who was in the Peace Corps, sent me the following information about a volunteer position in Myanmar (Burma). It comes from the VIA site, which is an Asia/US Public Service and Educational Exchange Program. Myanmar (Burma): Service Coordinator at … Continue reading

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Somehow I always forget how much time is actually involved in sitting on an airplane to get to Asia. I know rationally that this leg of the trip, Los Angeles to Taipei, will take fourteen hours, but it seems completely … Continue reading

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Close Call

Back in March, Sue asked if I could attend her birth. I suggested the idea to my mom and she thought it was great idea – so great that she offered to pay for the ticket; I could go and … Continue reading

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