This is the Life

really. This is it! I spend 1/3 of the day on me (yoga, massage…), 1/3 hanging around town, and then 1/3 of the time blogging about it. I am living a spa-style blogger life.

And eating all the delicious fruit in season. Here are the three we are enjoying everyday.

Rambutan, which you can now buy freeze-dried at Trader Joe’s, has light sweet flavor and is like a big peeled grape inside.

Durian stinks when it is even when it is just a little bit too ripe, so I haven’t been tempted yet.

and my absolute favorite, can’t get enough, is mangkut or mangoosteen in English? Once the hard outer shell is opened, four or five soft white sections are revealed. Something like what a chestnut would be as a fruit… texture is like a persimmon.

And we are eating lots of green mango as well. Street vendors peel, carve, and serve all these fruits for a handful of change, so you can snack on fruit all day long. Sue said she had FIVE bags yesterday…

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