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my brother sent this to me


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This is a little passe national conversation, but I read about it in the NYTimes recently and wanted to check it out. Looks like a youtube person with the handle lonelygirl15 took the nation by storm and then was found … Continue reading

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youtube test

This youtube link was sent to me by my friend John. Interestingly, I noticed in the video’s comments that a few people mentioned the “Noah’s video was better.” Then a couple days later, Noah’s video showed up at Zeke’s blog … Continue reading

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Jeannie stamp-of-approval

These video logs (vlogs) at youtube should not be missed. This was rec’d by my learned friend John; it is an old man telling stories: recollections of going to art school in the late 1940’s, his teachers, impressions of Hockney’s … Continue reading

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