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Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass

Once you’ve grown your own grass, you’ll never go back to the plastic stuff. Or even the paper stuff – you’ll quickly discover that they are poor substitutes for the vibrancy of real living wheatgrass sprouting before your eyes. And … Continue reading

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Lamb Roast and Green Pea Soup

To celebrate spring I made my first ever lamb roast and a green pea soup made from fresh (frozen) peas, not dried split peas. Everything was delightfully diferent to my palate and delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever cooked lamb … Continue reading

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Steaming Hot and Caffeinated

I just drank my first cup of black tea in six weeks. I’m not religious, but like many of the folks around me, I borrow freely from religions as it suits me. I have been known to meditate, do yoga, … Continue reading

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