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Culver City Art Day

Chad, Christian, my friend Ellen, and I spent Saturday cruising through the art scene in Culver City. It was quiet and on the hot sunny side. We made it through over a dozen shows (George Billis, Blum&Poe, Cherry and Martin, … Continue reading

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Cheryl Ann Thomas

Posed elegantly on plinths, the furled and sometimes collapsing ceramic “artifacts” and “relics,” as sculptor Cheryl Ann Thomas calls them, seem very distantly related to their ancestral forebear, the coiled clay pot. Indeed, the swaths of charcoal gray and creamy … Continue reading

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Preview of Margie Livingston at Luis de Jesus (coming Jan 22, 2011)

(Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, Santa Monica) It started with a hairball. Margie Livingston wondered if she could draw the light filtering through that hairball —and with this challenge, launched herself into an exploration of depicting 3D space in 2D … Continue reading

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Margie Livingston

I’ve been writing and thinking about Margie Livingston’s recent sculptures this week. And then somewhere along the line, I started flipping through her old paintings. I realized with a jolt that I already knew her work! In fact, she and … Continue reading

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Carmen Argote

Whether it is the neutrality of the painted white on brown or the simplicity of the large geometric shapes of the cut carpet hanging from the back of the gallery g727– it is difficult to comprehend that one is looking … Continue reading

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Seeing Art in Insadong

Despite all the illness at the tail end of of my Korea trip – I did get out and do much more touristy stuff than I’d expected. Or at least as much as one might reasonably expect while staying in … Continue reading

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I’m pretty sure I’m in love with this new blog. He’s a stay-at-home dad/artist who posts simple toys he’s made for his kids. Here’s two of his youtube videos so you can see what I mean. But my FAVORITE thing … Continue reading

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Pieter Hugo

Following his popular solo NYC show,  “The Hyena and Other Men,” which captures street performers (and their children) with their muzzled hyenas during off-hours in large-format photographs, Hugo takes theatricality a step further in his new body of work, “Nollywood.” … Continue reading

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Alex Katz

It is a pleasure to see the landscapes and smaller works of Alex Katz, who is largely known for his portraits; they are imbued with the same stillness and inquiry into form and color that informs his more famous works. … Continue reading

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Rube Goldberg

I don’t know who this band is, but their Rube Goldberg contraption is great. I love an obsessive, long, imaginative Rube Goldberg machine. [youtube=]

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