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More Pig Stuff

We had a joint playdate (diaperfree+attachment parenting meetup) in Irvine today – yes, the OC town where two kids have been diagnosed as having the dreaded swine flu. But as with all but one of the American cases of the … Continue reading

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Textbook Case

Looks like the little guy had roseola last week – he had all the symptoms: Christian had a fever for three days and then when the fever broke, a rash quickly developed over his torso, creeping up his neck and … Continue reading

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I'll take a pass, please

After several weeks of frenzied activity, everything ground to a halt this week – between choosing to stay at home and friends being sick, I’ve found myself at home TWO STRAIGHT DAYS IN A ROW! I’m considering staying at home … Continue reading

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Reason #116 My Teenage Daughter Won't Be Seen With Me

Have you seen these “anti-shoes”? The last few times I visited my parents my mother raved and raved about her MBTs, which she wears every day, every where, including church. Except that she wears the ones that are black sandals … Continue reading

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It didn't taste like chocolate coming back up

*Caution. Graphic description of vomiting to follow.* We are recovering from the stomach flu around here and I seem to have been hit the worst. Chad had been talking about how people at work were coming down with a 24-hour … Continue reading

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My Beautiful Cervix

I just saw something I’ve never seen before: a cervix! To be exact, thirty-three photos of the same (normal) cervix taken once a day for an entire menstrual cycle – with notes. The site is called My Beautiful Cervix. Very … Continue reading

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Diet Update

We are finishing up our third week of being wheat and dairy-free. It hasn’t been so hard, because I’ve just reverted back to eating more asian-style meals with lots of rice. I bought one $5 loaf of rice flour bread … Continue reading

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Cancre Sores and How to Deal with Them

I was about to post a comment about cancre sores/herpes simplex on a friend’s blog, but when I thought about it, I realized I had more than a comment’s worth to say on the subject, having dealt with them my … Continue reading

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This is Your Brain…

I remember when I first got a small cell phone, a friend of mine who had once been a cop, cautioned me that I should never hold it against my head to talk, but that I should always, always use … Continue reading

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Poor Hubby

Chad went in for his decennial dentist appointment yesterday – I’d like to point out here that I made the appointment, if I hadn’t I might be posting about his vicennial dentist appointment ten years from now – and well, … Continue reading

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