Reason #116 My Teenage Daughter Won't Be Seen With Me

Have you seen these “anti-shoes”? The last few times I visited my parents my mother raved and raved about her MBTs, which she wears every day, every where, including church. Except that she wears the ones that are black sandals and they look like the medical shoes you wear when your foot is in a cast.

She says that all the velcro straps makes the fit perfect and that her feet never get tired. She wears them every day while traveling too – India, Mexico, etc – and when she travels somewhere cold, like Eastern Europe, she wears them with socks! And as moms are wont, she insisted I try them too. So I did. It’s a bit rock and roll-y at first, but they are very, very comfortable. My mom kept offering to get me a pair for Christmas, but honestly I didn’t know if I liked them enough to warrant the $300 price tag.

I’ve been reconsidering though, because I end up doing so much walking when I see art in LA. Actually, Christian’s hatred of his car seat has led to more walking in general, and even though I wear my running shoes, I find that I frequently have tired, sore feet these days. It could be my age, but it could also be the extra seventeen pounds of baby in my front pack.

Then yesterday I found a pair of MBTs that were reduced by 60% because the style is being discontinued. I took my Christmas sweater money and bought my first pair of MBTs for a mere $107. They pretty much guarantee that 1) I am three inches taller and 2) Bella won’t walk anywhere with me. I got the Mary Janes in cream suede and they look just like this.

What about the juicer I was going to buy with that money you ask? That story I’ll save for another post.

P.S. If you want to read more about these shoes, I’ve linked the pictures to the MBT website.

P.P.S. Thanks Songbae! These are your Christmas present to me!

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