Oh Joy!

Today the woman I met through Freecycle and I carpooled to a market she knew about in Irvine: a KOREAN MARKET!

And although I was tired and grumpy (I woke up last night at 2am to discover that Bella and her three friends were MIA – after much stressing and pacing, they showed up at 3 am – in bikinis and towels; they had taken upon themselves to go swimming in the middle of the night. Needless to say there is much house cleaning and sobbing about how unfair life is going on around here…and will be too, for the next week or so.)

Zion Market is not only a Korean market (versus a general Asian market, thus having one entire aisle dedicated to kimchi, another to hot pastes, another to seaweed, etc) but it is clean and huge. I see lots and lots of Korean food in my future. Now I just need to get there at the beginning of budgeted grocery money not at the end like I did today (I did get the essential: kimchi).

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