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More Mumbo Jumbo

I also find it amusing that people seem to have the impression that I’m so healthy – when in fact I know many, many people who are far healthier than I. It actually seems to me like most of my … Continue reading

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Psycho vs Psychic

Once long ago, a little kid named Bella and her mother sometimes experienced such incredible coincidental thought patterns that it could practically be described as telepathic. I could be sitting at the kitchen table idly wondering if I should make … Continue reading

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Spring Peak

I learned something alarming this weekend while talking to my mother. She says that she’s told me this a million times – that I was born two or three months prematurely! When I pressed her for details she thinks it … Continue reading

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The Birth Rehearsal

I have to admit that I had been dreading the nearly hour long birth rehearsal that our Bradley teacher had been promising us was in store for our last class, but it turns out that the combination of low lighting, … Continue reading

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It's a scientifically proven fact…

that most people’s favorite word is their own name. That just sounded true when the character Lars said it in Lars and the Real Girl. Surprisingly good- I’ve finally found a movie to review in my Recommended Movie side bar. … Continue reading

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The Business of Being Born

Next week is our last Bradley class (natural childbirth) and Chad and I had a small marathon today, finishing up a few borrowed birth videos, including The Business of Being Born (IMDb 6.9/10.0). I liked the movie, but considering that … Continue reading

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Back to Square One

Last month when I was at the La Leche League meeting, one of the mothers referred to her daughter named Sophia, and I started to think that as much as I love the idea of daughters named Beauty and Wisdom … Continue reading

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30 Week Pregnancy Update

Holy kaMoly, this pregnancy is whizzing by fast. And more and more of my activities seem to be centered around the approaching birth date (June 3). My belly still seems small to others, but believe you me, it does not … Continue reading

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I’m not talking about developing a waddle or getting wedged between the car and the garbage cans – I’m talking about all the emotional business I find myself going through with everybody around me. As I just read in Birthing … Continue reading

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Bradley Class

The first time Chad and I both made it to our Bradley class a couple weeks ago, Chad was bit grumbly, and I wondered if I’d made the wrong decision to pressure him into taking the class with me. Bradley … Continue reading

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