More Mumbo Jumbo

I also find it amusing that people seem to have the impression that I’m so healthy – when in fact I know many, many people who are far healthier than I. It actually seems to me like most of my friends are healthier eaters than I. For instance, I had a bag of Lay’s potato chips with my sandwich today at lunch and Chad and I plan to eat at Fatburger for lunch tomorrow. I infrequently get my recommended two daily servings of dark leafy greens.

I only just barely believe in the power of herbal medicines. I will take cranactin as a prophylactic against urinary tract infections, but I stopped taking echinecea years ago. Sleep is the best preventive against sickness I’ve found.

But Jenny Q’s herbal teas has made a believer out of me again.

A few weeks ago I was drinking a lot of Jenny Q’s herbal tea mix called UNPLUGGED – I wrote about it when I was drinking it during my master’s thesis writing. I’ve heard that she’s sold her tea business – but the tea is still available in Joshua Tree (try Crossroads). While drinking the tea, I noticed that my libido increased. Ahem. I mean dramatically increased. To the point where my husband was protesting, “I’m not a machine!” and “We’ve got to give it a rest!” I made no connection to the tea, and chalked it up to my crazy pregnancy hormones.

Then more recently I was reading an article in the New Yorker – did you see it? It was about the guy who started the chocolate company Dagoba. There was a magnificent description of how he likens the taste sensation of chocolate to the outline of a woman’s body that I was going to use as quote (but never did) and then there was a bit where he talked about his Eros Elixir. An elixir that he tried in his punch at a party once; a party where his guests ended up having sex on his sofa in his living room while the party was still going on.

And I remembered that my food coop group in Joshua Tree had once purchased an Eros Elixir from Dagoba. I ran upstairs and rummaged through the medicine cabinet, thinking that I would spike Chad’s drinks and meals with it. I found it and out of curiosity checked the ingredients. The main ingredient seemed to be Damiana.

Damiana? Where had I seen that before? I went running back down the stairs to the kitchen and sure enough – one of the main ingredients of the Unplugged tea is also Damiana.

Well, Chad says it’s all mumbo jumbo – but I assure you that it’s the first time in the six years we’ve been together that he’s ever complained about having too much sex.

Do you need some? I can pick some up for you as I’ll be in Joshua Tree this weekend!

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