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I like the way she

talks about art. I have been using Catherine Taft’s thesis as a model. Here is something she wrote recently for artforum online. Just above Catherine’s is another interesting post about the 24-hour interview marathon in London by Claire Bishop. There … Continue reading

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my brother needs advice

His dentist says he needs a crown. This is what Songbae wrote: “And that it’s going to cost $2,000!  Anyone have any experience getting one?  It’s $1,500 for the crown and $500 for the build-up, whatever that is.  A filling … Continue reading

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do you think this is true?

“In the novels of polish writer Witold Gombrowicz, we see how each individual generates his own form through his behaviour, his way of coming across, and the way he addresses others. This form comes about in the borderline area where … Continue reading

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I've liked every Micah I have met

Sometime last fall, I left Bella and her friend Dawkins to nurse a hot chocolate with my sister in a cafe while I kept on scanning the galleries in Chelsea. As usual, they had had their fill and I was … Continue reading

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