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Wonderland Hike to Willow Hole

This hike was a wonderful finale to my strenuous exercise days (fyi – no spotting since – I go to the lab to have blood drawn today). We started on level terrain and checked out local attractions by Wall Street … Continue reading

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Survey Says!

No more strenuous exercise for me. At least for a while. I did an informal survey yesterday of mothers to see if anybody had spotted during her pregnancy and nobody had, except my sister. She spotted on several occasions, each … Continue reading

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The Wonderland of Rocks

One of the greatest benefits of being related to the Murdy clan is getting to tag along with experienced hikers everywhere we go. In fact, my in-laws are such hiking gurus, that they lead the local monthly Sierra Club hikes … Continue reading

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License to Expand

No news on the pregnancy front until I have more blood drawn, either tomorrow or Monday. The pregnancy does explain many things; my sudden narcoleptic tendencies, for one. Yesterday during my lunch break I climbed into the back seat of … Continue reading

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Two Lines vs One

Today I had my appointment with a midwife for a pelvic exam. I answered many questions, I had a physical exam, I had blood drawn, and I scheduled a lower abdomen ultrasound. The last thing the midwife asked me to … Continue reading

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CSA Recipe for Radishes, Cucumbers, and Apples

I am drowning in certain CSA veggies such as radishes and cucumbers, but luckily South Coast Farm sends a few recipes with every basket to help make the produce go down. Tonight I experimented with a radish, cucumber, and apple … Continue reading

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Boys, Cover Your Eyes

As I have said, my menstrual flow has been very unusual this month. But when I bring this up (yes, I discuss it with everybody I know – has it not become clear that my favorite way to get information … Continue reading

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I Feel Like the Pope of Chili-town

Tonight I made the most authentic chili I have ever made. Normally, I make a rote chili with ground turkey, onions, a can of tomatoes, and a can of kidney beans. But tonight I tried (generally) following a recipe from … Continue reading

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Much to my body’s dismay, I went out on a two-hour bike ride with Chad this afternoon, after 1 1/2 hour run this morning. wait – did I mention that we are currently involved in another weight loss contest? I … Continue reading

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Are We "the Right Nows"?

Pulled from the Oct 1, 2007 New Yorker‘s interview of Philip Roth by Hermione Lee – discussing his newest book, Exit Ghost. “I agree with the Chekhov character who, when, in a crisis, he is reminded that ‘this too, shall … Continue reading

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