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Books Read in 2008

I have finally archived my Books Read List for 2008 and started a new one for 2009. Whew, that took a bit of html fiddling. Here it is – just to flash before your eyes before it gets stored. (It … Continue reading

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Sigrid Sandstrom

Sigrid Sandstrom’s acrylic paintings withstand a good amount of looking. In one of her untitled pieces, the pile of what appears to be collaged bits of torn and cut paper in the foreground anchor the eye, but the atmospheric background … Continue reading

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Untitled (6"x6"), 2009

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If These Don't Make You Regular…

These muffins are pretty healthy by my standards. I call them fat-free because the butter has been replaced by 1 1/2 cups flax seed meal. They also contain whole wheat, carrots, apples, raisins, oat bran, and pecans. Practically a granola … Continue reading

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Cuteness Times Three

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Thomas Hirschhorn

My teenage daughter’s reaction was telling: Immediately drawn to one of Thomas Hirschhorn’s collaged “Tattoo” series, which resembled nothing so much as a high school kid’s binder cover with its repeating skull and crossbones stickers and obsessive doodles in blue … Continue reading

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A New Low, and a New High

The main meetup organizer moved house recently and asked if I could cover her Let’s Get Moving meetup this last Monday. This is a great idea, where moms get together at the park and plan to help each other mind … Continue reading

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Refining my Housewifely Skills

I didn’t grow up eating many beans, other than soy, mung, and red – wait, I DID grow up eating beans, just not in the Western sense of a pot of bean soup. The soy beans were in tofu or … Continue reading

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Welcome to This Side of the Womb

I come from a family of three and my mother never tires of telling of the same anecdote of how busy she was: Once my sister was born, she didn’t get a hot cup of coffee for four years. Meaning, … Continue reading

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Diaper-Free Mentor Application

As if I weren’t already busy enough, I’ve decided to become a diaper-free mentor. The local mentor in Orange County will be moving to Utah in the next month, leaving a supportive, active yahoo group network, but with no mentor. … Continue reading

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