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Threes a fun crowd.

Three's a fun crowd.

I come from a family of three and my mother never tires of telling of the same anecdote of how busy she was: Once my sister was born, she didn’t get a hot cup of coffee for four years. Meaning, that she’d make herself a cup of coffee, sit down, and then hear a screech or hoot or holler, and have to run to take care of one of us. By the time she got back to the kitchen, her coffee was always stone cold.

She also likes to remind me that in those days, she got rid of everything but the furniture, washed the floors every night, and gave us free rein over the apartment during the day. Extreme baby-proofing for what she considered extreme circumstances.

And even though we sounded like we were hell on wheels, I always thought that THREE kids was the ideal number of kids to have. More specifically, three kids close in age – because damn, we threw a good party, all combined, when we were in high school. (The 200+ people that showed up wore the wax right off the family room floor and we got into heaps of trouble for that one.)

Well, that wasn’t to be for me. I got two kids. And two kids, so far apart in age, that I might as well be raising only kids serially.

So imagine my delight when my friend Sierra announced that she was pregnant with her third. I already enjoy the heck out of her first two kids – and Sierra’s game for practically anything I want to do – and now I can experience having three kids vicariously through her!

Welcome Oliver Lee Malnove. (born at home March 4, 2009 at 7 pounds 10 ounces)  Can’t wait until you can join us at the Huntington Gardens!

Oliver's placenta print

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