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BKK, Here We Come

After much handwringing and fussing about, I finally booked tickets to Bangkok this weekend. I couldn’t wait to do it at home in peace and quiet – no, I had to call United and be on hold for twenty minutes … Continue reading

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Mark Mothersbaugh

Mark Mothersbaugh is devolving. While he still plays and composes music (think scores for Wes Anderson movies), the keyboardist of the 80’s post-punk bank Devo has always been more of a conceptual artist than simply a musician. His latest show, … Continue reading

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My brother-in-law, Joss, is mainly what I call an abstract photographer, but with the arrival of his daughter Nabi Grace (ng) two years ago, he has proven to be a deft portrait photographer as well. A good eye is such … Continue reading

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Carrie Yury

For all the exposed skin we see in Carrie Yury’s second photography show, one might expect to see some tits and ass, but nothing gives. Each portrait – for although we never see a face, these are clearly portraits and … Continue reading

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Ha ha! and gulp.

You’ve probably already been dragged in front of a computer screen or two to watch a “literal video” – you know, where somebody spoofs an old music video by keeping the same video but singing different lyrics – often just … Continue reading

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Strawberry Season

I remember once when I was a kid I was invited to go strawberry picking. (Laura, you must have been there, right?) We arrived that hot spring day and knelt by the short plants. I picked one ripe perfect berry … Continue reading

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Waldorf Demo Class

A month ago we had the good fortune to be able to attend a demo Waldorf class in Devana Came’s new Waldorf classroom in Corona, where she will be teaching preschool and parent-toddler classes starting in September 2009. Not only … Continue reading

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Waldorf Playgroup Planning Sheet

We’re meeting tomorrow to start thinking seriously about the logistics of hosting a playgroup and hopefully to practice some of the songs. Here’s the planning sheet I whipped up. Videotaped segments of the songs and all the lyrics will follow … Continue reading

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Not Tuna Pâté

I appear to be entering a stage of mothering where I have great difficulty in getting anything done on the computer. Luckily for us, the money I make from writing is all extra, and we’ve been able to live entirely … Continue reading

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