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Snake Bite Kit = Cell Phone

Just back from a pleasant mom’s night out. I went to a rattlesnake talk at The Reserve at Ranch Mission Viejo in San Juan Capistrano. Steve Bledsoe (and Noah Anderson), two avocational herpetologists, gave an excellent presentation tonight. I got … Continue reading

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Hunting for Rattlesnakes

Every morning this week, Christian has woken up asking if TODAY was the day we were going on a snake walk. Today, I finally got to say YES, TODAY IS THE SNAKE WALK! It was really easy to get Christian … Continue reading

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Thai Bugs

It’s been raining here. The rain brings out the millipedes. They’re as thick as my thumb and longer than my hand. Christian likes to watch them, like he watches snails at home. These guys are quicker, but just as hypnotizing. … Continue reading

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Nak! Nak!

“Nak” is one of Christian’s newest words. (He adds to his vocabulary hourly. This morning he woke, smiled, then pointed to my eyes and said, “eye”.) “Nak” means “snake” and reveals how much he was impressed by the snake farm … Continue reading

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Bangkok Butterfly House

This is not a major Bangkok attraction, but a pleasant out-of-the-way retreat in the middle of a large shady languishing park. It’s free too. Today, the butterflies were mating. Apparently they like different positions too.

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Thai Critters

This last weekend we spent time walking on the beach because it was so much more pleasant than walking on the dusty road avoiding rubble and mangy stray dogs. I was intrigued and then charmed by the designs the crabs … Continue reading

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cute critter

My friend who is chilling in France sent me this photo. I dunno, I forgot to ask if I could post his name. He says this guy raids the cat food every night!

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