Anagram Mania…

anagrams to “An arm, I am a nag.”

Yesterday I came home to looking forward to teasing my husband with the anagram his name “Chad Yarrow Murdy” produced: “Warm cruddy, hoary;” but he immediately rejoined with “Jeer on alien see,” which is the anagram of “Jeannie Rose Lee.”

Is this married life? When you both get the same email and both come home knowing the anagram of your spouse’s name?

Neither anagram was as satisfying as the one my friend, “Chantelle Brown,” got off a site years ago: ‘Newborn Hellcat.”

For an anagram of your own name, go here.

Tip: Chad was happier with the anagram of his anagram. “Warm cruddy, hoary” produced “A muddy, arch worry.”

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